What We Support

Arts & Culture
The Herzfeld Foundation recognizes that arts and culture are vital to the well being of a community. A vibrant arts and cultural community is one that offers diverse cultural experiences to everyone. A lively arts and cultural community seeks to promote artistic excellence, provides accessibility for all and stimulates the creative and intellectual spirit. In addition, the Foundation values arts and culture advocacy programs that encourage broad participation in, and awareness of, what our community offers.

Grant Considerations: The Foundation considers grants in arts and culture that promote long-term organizational health, such as management excellence, board participation, strategic planning, business planning and institutional and program evaluation. It is particularly interested in collaboration among cultural organizations. The Foundation appreciates that collaboration leverages not only the resources of individual organizations, but also helps expand audiences for all groups. Also of interest are programs that demonstrate the benefits of best practices that have the potential to become regional and national models.

Evaluation of Arts and Culture programs is extremely important in the Herzfeld Foundation granting process. Each grant proposal is carefully examined to determine an outcome. Within a year an evaluation will be done with the grantee to determine whether the outcome has been achieved. Each grant proposal must outline measurements or methods to assist the evaluation process.